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Immigration Independent Accommodation Report

The aim of Immigration Independent Accommodation Report (also known as Immigration property inspection report) is to check if the property is safe and fit human habitation for both and current and the proposed number of occupants and to ensure that the property will not become overcrowded in addition of visa applicant. 

During the inspection, the officer needs to access everywhere in the property including all rooms and common areas and may take some photographs as the evidence. We also need to measure all bedroom and living rooms that normally e considered as sleeping accommodation to check that they are large enough to live in. We need to know total number of rooms and size of the rooms to assess the maximum permitted occupants of the property.

Immigration Independent Accommodation Report is also known as -

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Immigration Independent Accommodation Report

A qualified person with professional body members needs to carry out the inspection who will assess the property based and will make sure your accommodation meets all legal requirements set by the Housing Act. Our reports is prepared by an fully qualified EHO (Environmental Health Officer) following all updated guidelines set by Home office adequate accommodation requirements. Unlike many other service provide we not multidisciplinary company focusing multiple service at a time; rather we are the dedicated company for this service only providing our expert service nationwide.