Immigration Property Inspection Report

Immigration Property Inspection Report

Immigration Property Inspection Report London
Immigration Property Inspection Report for Immigration Purposes

Immigration Property Inspection Report for UK Visas and Immigration

Get the most appropriate inspection report on immigration property and housing survey report. Evergreen Surveyors are committed to providing their clients with a complete and comprehensive Property inspection report for United Kingdom visas and immigration. The purpose of the immigration property inspection report is to show that the property is adequate enough to accommodate the visa applicant, and it does not or will not contravene public health regulations.  The Proposed accommodation must not be overcrowded within the “Definition of overcrowding” of the Housing Act 1985, the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 or the Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 1988 (as appropriate).

Immigration Property Inspection Report: What We Do

Services That We Offer Are:

✔Property inspection reports for spouse visa.
✔ Housing inspections for UK entry clearance
✔ Immigration house inspection report
✔ UK spouse visa accommodation requirements
Immigration Independent Accommodation Report
✔ Accommodation report for immigration UK
✔ Property inspection report UKBA
✔ Property inspection report for UK Immigration
✔ House report for immigration
✔ Property inspection report in London

The UK Border Agency may ask you to provide evidence of adequate accommodation as a part of your visa application. Our Immigration property inspection reports are delicately designed for all types of applications for the case of Entry Clearance & Settlement Visa.

Areas That We Cover:

Our service spread across a vast part of the country and we offer services in almost every city, including:
London, East London
✔ Birmingham
✔ Sussex
✔ Manchester
✔ Coventry
✔ Bournemouth
✔ Brighton
✔ Cambridge
✔ Portsmouth


Please click here for full lists of areas we cover.

Why Our Clients Should Choose Us:

✔ We produce our property inspection reports after a thorough on-site property inspection
✔ Arrangement of time and date as per the client’s convenience
✔ Our consultation services are available 24/7. Just book a session with us as per your feasibility
✔ We try to provide our services at the best price as compared to other consultants in the market
✔ 100% immigration property inspection report acceptance guaranteed
✔ Our Surveyour and Environmental Health officers are fully qualified and highly experienced in producing the visa accommodation report.

More About The On-Site Immigration Property Inspection for UK Visas and Immigration

As the name recommends, this Survey is completed face to face by one of our specialists at a commonly concurred time and date. When the outside assessment is finished, all inner living spaces will be estimated, and notes are taken of the number of individuals who live on the premises. Upon the arrival of the visit, a visual assessment of the outside of your property will be done, and important notes will be made.

What does the surveyor do when they visit your property to conduct a survey?

A qualified Environmental Health Officer will visit your property.

  • The officer will need to  access to around the property. The inspection takes into account such things as the general state of repair, cooking and bathroom facilities, heating and ventilation in the house and general condition of the property to assess if any category 1 hazards presents under Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) given under section 9 of the Housing Act 2004.
  • The officer will measure all habitable rooms (normally living rooms and bedrooms) to assess how many maximum people can live in the property.
  • The officer will need to know who occupies the house (name, age, gender) and which rooms they sleep in.
  • The relationship of the person entering the UK to the sponsor and their personal information.

The officer need following personal informatoin:

  • Name, Date of Birth and Passport number of Visa applicant (the person entering the UK)
  • Name and date of Birth of Sponsor and relationship of the person entering the UK
  • Name and date of Birth of any other people (if any) living in the property and their relationship with sponsor

What happens after the Immigration Property inspection?

When the survey and investigation is completed, we will provide you with a inspection report, which will include:

  • The address of the property inspected.
  • The visa applicant’s name, date of birth and passport number
  • The sponsor’s name and date of birth and relation with visa applicant
  • Name and date of birth of any other people (if any) living in the property and their relation with sponsor
  • Present and proposed sleeping arrangement
  • The permitted maximum number of occupations of the property and whether the property would be statutorily overcrowded by the addition of the person seeking entry to the UK under the part X (overcrowding) of the Housing Act 1985
  • Whether the property provided a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupiers or visa applicant at the time of our inspection and is free from Category 1 Hazards in Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) given under section 9 of the Housing Act 2004.
  • Under section 604 of the Housing Act 1985 (as amended) the property is fit for human habitation.
  • Other relevant comments based on the Immigration visa applicant and sponsor personal situation.
  • The name, signature and contact details of the officer to contact for further information.

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Thousands of immigrants daily search through the web for reliable consultants who can provide an authentic Housing inspection report for immigration and Visa People usually come across estate agents who offer such services. Still, the problem is that often estate agents are not qualified enough for undertaking such inspections. We guarantee the provision of authentic property inspection reports for immigration purposes. Also, we can guarantee its acceptance. Please contact us on 07500242494 to discuss your case.

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We are the experienced and dedicated company proving property inspection report supporting your visa application. We will inspect property to make sure they are suitable, safe and will not become overcrowded with additional occupants.


We have high qualified team with years of experience and produces thousands of high quality property inspection report for all over UK. Team can produce report within very short time even weekend and evening.
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Immigration Property Inspection Report for UK Visa application.

If you require housing inspection for Immigration case please call us on 07500242494. Qualified surveyor with years of experience in producing home survey report for immigration purposes